What does Bashhub do?

Bashhub saves every terminal command entered with context and provides powerful querying for it.

How do I search my commands?

Usage documentation on GitHub

What context does Bashhub save?

In addition to saving a terminal command. Bashhub also records several pieces of information about the command including:

This context allows for incredibly detailed querying.

Where are my commands going?

They're stored in Bashhub's database. All commands are private. Bashhub's command database is encrypted at rest using storage level encryption. Commands are encrypted in transit using HTTPS. For more details checkout the basic security and privacy practices.

Are commands private?

Yes. You need an access token associated with your user account to retrieve them.

Can I delete commands and control what's sent?

Absolutely. You can manage and configure what commands are in Bashhub and what gets sent to Bashhub. Check the usage documentation for deleting and filtering.

Does Bashhub work across multiple systems?

Yes! You can install Bashhub on any system you use and commands are saved with respect to that system. Never lose another command again.

How can I contribute?

Feel free to open pull requests and issues on Github